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A Love for Impeccable Craftsmanship


I have always taken pleasure in transforming places to feel like home, cultivating a sense of ease through creative, cozy, and timeless design.

Duman Home’s line of textile goods are high quality, sustainable products that are both luxurious and honestly priced. Each article is designed with care and excellent craftsmanship, with a focus on our customers’ needs.

They are the true heart of our entire enterprise. Having the privilege to interact with our customers one-on-one over many years in our retail stores, we are fortunate to have established a loyal community in the NYC area, and we take pride in understanding what they are looking for in home goods. Duman Home is a testament to the existence of long lasting, affordable, and exquisite design created through honest work and high standards.


The Genesis of Duman Home

Ever since he was a child growing up in Istanbul, Turkey, Cengiz was entranced by the unique fabrics, smooth fibers and captivating designs surrounding him in the streets and textile factories where he worked as a teenager.

After gaining more experience managing a flagship home goods store on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Cengiz knew he was ready to set up his own business. Inspired by the exquisite textures and unmistakable artistry of Turkish weaving, in 2012 Cengiz created Duman Home, a shrine to home comfort and easy living.

Working with artistic manufacturers from a range of vibrant cultures from all over the world, heritage has been an influential part of Duman’s style. One-of-a-kind local findings further transformed the store into a destination for those passionate about great design. Quality American goods from distinguished brands are hand selected by Cengiz, whose goal is to offer high-quality, meticulous craftsmanship that is both affordable and upscale.


213 Court St, Brooklyn New York