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Our mission is to help people feel their best and inspire their dreams of a better life by creating luxuriously comfortable and sustainable products at the right price.
We craft the best sheets, towels, robes, and other home essentials that change how you live, what you feel, and where you dream.

Meet The Founder

As the founder of Duman Home, I am thrilled to share the essence of our brand and the journey that brought us to where we are today. Raised in the rich textile heritage of Turkey, I have always held a deep appreciation for the transformative power of design. From a young age, I was surrounded by the intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and exquisite craftsmanship that define our cultural tapestry.

Duman Home’s line of textile goods is high quality, sustainable, luxurious, and honestly priced. Each article is designed with care and excellent craftsmanship, focusing on our customers’ needs.

They are the true heart of our entire enterprise. Having had the privilege to interact with our customers one-on-one over many years in our retail stores, we are fortunate to have established a loyal community in the NYC area, and we take pride in understanding what they are looking for in-home goods. Duman Home is a testament to the existence of long-lasting, affordable, and exquisite designs created through honest work and high standards.